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Operations And Supply Chain Management For MBAs 6th Edition Mobi Download Book !!BETTER!!

Written by Michael Hugos who is also the co-founder of Supply Chain Management Globe, this reference book is a bestselling guide to the field of supply chain management. It provides coverage of necessary detail from a real-world perspective with practical examples.

Operations And Supply Chain Management For MBAs 6th Edition Mobi Download Book

Published in its fourth edition, an easy to use supply chain management book, it serves as a reference for managers in search of tips and techniques that can change a supply chain into a source of competition at its maximum efficiency.

This reference book is best suitable for courses of MBA, engineering master, or undergraduates in the field of supply chain management. This supply chain management book is written by Sunil Chopra, whose one of the research interests lies in supply chain and logistics management. Reaching its seventh edition, this book provides readers with all the necessary practical tools needed to solve supply chain problems while using a strategic framework.

This reference book provides you with a step by step guide of the supply chain management activity sharpening your management skills with the help of cases, problems, questions, and practices given in this book.

Written by Joel D. Wisner who has given improved strategies in the field of the supply chain and a number of his articles have been published in journals. Students are taken through a well-balanced approach in the field of supply chain management. Important processes beginning from the operations, purchasing, logistics up to process integration can be reviewed.

This book is written by Paul Myerson, who has more than 25 years of experience in the operations, strategies, and systems of supply chain management and has improved companies such as Unilever, General Electric, and so on. The book is a practical guide to organize your supply chain and logistics function, also providing advanced lean tools and lean implementation methodology. The implementation of these factors is assured to give you success.

This reference book focuses on the core concepts and operations in the field of supply chains, with the help of analysis of data to solve all business problems. The core of every business is its operations and supply chain management, this book tackles all your needs in this field.

This book deals with the complete management of supply chains that are segregated into for parts beginning from the foundation, the strategies, and challenges related to administration and operational integration of logistics. This book also contains case studies, illustrated examples and questions that will help you enhance your business.

This supply chain management book connects all the pieces of your business, from sales and marketing to purchasing. This resource book will help you join the dots and meet the needs of your suppliers, shareholders, and customers, which will help everyone impact the supply chain and give positive outcomes. Basic techniques and key concepts are described that will keep your business running smoothly.

Grasping all the available knowledge will help you improve your business. Every minute spent on reading these books will be worth it. These books have case studies, real-world examples, converting all the aspects related to supply chain Management that will reboot and make you a successful leader.


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