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Download Battle Brothers and All DLCs for PC - The Ultimate Guide

Battle Brothers: All DLC Download for PC Full Version

If you are looking for a challenging and immersive turn-based tactical RPG set in a gritty medieval fantasy world, then you should check out Battle Brothers. This game lets you lead a mercenary company of your own, hiring, training and equipping your men as you see fit. You can explore a procedurally generated open world, taking contracts, fighting enemies and facing crises that threaten the land.


But what if you want to get the most out of your Battle Brothers experience? What if you want to enjoy all the additional content that the developers have released over the years? Well, then you should get Battle Brothers: All DLC Download for PC Full Version. This bundle includes the base game and all four DLCs that add new features, enemies, locations, items and more to the game. Here is what you can expect from each DLC:

  • Battle Brothers - Beasts & Exploration: This DLC adds a variety of new beasts to hunt and fight, such as the fearsome Lindwurm, the cunning Hexe and the elusive Alps. It also adds new locations to explore, such as hidden legendary locations with unique rewards. You can also customize your company with new banners, shields and helmets.