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Following Astraeus' closure on 21 November 2011, Dickinson branched into entrepreneurship when he launched Cardiff Aviation Ltd on 1 May 2012, an aircraft maintenance business based at the Twin Peaks Hangar in St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales.[135] According to The Wall Street Journal, in January 2013 Cardiff Aviation had created 40 jobs and hoped to have over a hundred personnel by the summer of 2013.[136] In June 2013, The Daily Telegraph reported that the business had expanded to between 60 and 70 employees and were in discussions to set up their own airline.[137] In August 2015, Cardiff Aviation signed a deal to provide airline support to Air Djibouti,[138] for whom Dickinson piloted their maiden flight the following year, a Boeing 737 from Cardiff to Djibouti.[139] As a result of his business ventures, Dickinson delivered keynote speeches at events around the globe, including Queen Mary University of London's Innovation Showcase in November 2012,[140] Connect2Business, Stockholm in March 2013,[141] Aviation Week's MRO Europe Conference, London in October 2015[142] and "Blog Now, Live Forever", Mumbai in October 2015.[143]

HD Online Player (Iron Maiden Maiden England 88 Dvd Ri)


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